Who is Meg?

My husband and I live in Central California and love being able to explore the wonderful sights in this state on our weekends. We’re passionate about healthy, natural living and sustainability. Our two little dogs, Riley and Pebbles, keep us on our toes and entertained with their antics. Between exploring and our pets, I don’t have time to maintain my own blog anymore – but I am more than familiar with blogging!

Why Social Media?

My passion for web development started in high school and continued into college. I started blogging way back on Grey Matter, and was there when the early blogging systems evolved into WordPress. In college I continued to develop websites while also working as a Virtual Assistant.

After college I worked in graphic design while continuing my Virtual Assistant business. In late 2014, I switched to exclusively working as a Social Media Strategist & Manager. I developed a real passion for social media management, staying on top of all the latest changes so my clients wouldn’t have to worry.

I love the challenge of social media, figuring out a solid strategy that works for my clients. It’s a huge difference from the field I saw myself going into when I was in college, but it’s definitely my passion. There’s nothing more rewarding than demystifying social media for one of my coaching clients, so they feel confident in taking their blog’s social media following to the next level.

I haven’t forgotten my web development roots – I still get fired up about things like search engine optimization, especially since SEO goes hand-in-hand with social media these days.

My Niches

I feel it’s important to know the niches you’re working in to be able to really rock social media. That way you know the niche leaders, trends, the typical follower & what they engage with, topics that need more coverage – all of which really weigh on success.