Preparing for Emergencies as a Freelancer

This last August I found myself scheduled for emergency surgery – and quickly went into panic mode. How was I going to get enough work done to even be able to take the time off for surgery, let alone recovery? What if the worst happened, who would take over my business or even dissolve it? I was poorly prepared for emergencies as a freelancer, but thanks to that experience I knew what I needed to prepare for the next emergency. Preparing for emergencies as a freelancer is different for everyone, but these tips should guide you to come up with your own emergency plan.

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Hiring a Social Media Manager for Your Blog – 8 Important Questions to Ask

It’s a huge achievement to grow your content creation business to the point of hiring a social media manager. The decision isn’t easy, you’re putting a lot of trust into a virtual stranger. When you hire a social media manager, you’re handing off responsibility for your brand’s image on social media. Do not trust recommendations alone with hiring a social media manager for your blog – ask yourself these important questions as well.

Time and time again, I am connected with bloggers and brands who have hired a virtual assistant (VA) or social media manager (SMM) who was following old or bad practices. When some content creators find their way to me, they’ve lost access to their social profiles or they’re in ruins. I hate seeing that happen, and I want to equip others to avoid that all together. These 8 important things to consider when hiring a social media manager will help you avoid disaster with social networks and their algorithms.

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Pinterest’s First Five Pins of the Day – Explained

Photograph of laptop with post title overlaid. Confused by Pinterest's recommendation to "prioritize" the first five pins you make each day? When does the Pinterest "day" start? Why does Pinterest recommend doing that? Does it have to do with their algorithm? All those questions are answered in here!

Pinterest recently changed their best pinning practices guidelines to say that we need to prioritize the first five pins of the day. What does this mean? When does the “day” start on Pinterest? It’s pretty simple – but lots of people are confused by the vague instructions. Pinterest’s “first five” pins are the first five pins after midnight UTC made to your account.

Here’s what Pinterest’s Best Practices for Pinterest Success page says:

“The first 5 Pins you save each day will be prioritized for distribution. Save to the most relevant board first. It’s okay to save a Pin to multiple boards, but save to the most relevant one first—that Pin will get distribution priority. Saving to irrelevant boards won’t help and may hurt the distribution of your Pins.”

Update 06/01/2018 – Pinterest recently redid their guide to simply things, and removed the “First 5 Pins” recommendation – along with a lot of other recommendations. HOWEVER, it was confirmed to Buffer via Pinterest’s developers that the first five pins are still a factor. 

THIS IS POST NO LONGER RELEVANT! Pinterest has now done away with the “First Five” and this post will eventually forward to a new one on times to pin. I’m still finding that the pins going out around Midnight UTC do the best for my clients, so I’m still prioritizing in this same manner.

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How We Survived a Devastating Layoff – and You Can Too!

Layoffs, most of the time, are totally unexpected – and totally devastating. In the fall of 2014, my husband was hit with a devastating layoff – and we suddenly needed to replace his income to make ends meet. I was terrified, until that point I felt like my freelancing was just means to get us out of debt faster and have some fun money. Thankfully I had completely overhauled my business earlier that year and went from barely contributing to our budget to being able to support us both on one income. You can do it too and survive a devastating lay off with self-employment – all you need is some time and some sort of skills that you can use remotely – like editing Word documents!

My husband was laid off suddenly and unexpectedly – but we managed to survive that devastating layoff and find independence with self-employment! Here's how you can start a new career from scratch as a virtual assistance or any other telecommuting position!

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How to Buffer Video & Image Shares from Other Facebook Pages

Buffer is a great social media scheduling tool! Here's how to use it to schedule shares of video & image posts made by other Facebook pages. If you Buffer video & image shares, you get a boost of engagement & reach from the original page! In both a video tutorial & written format to follow along. | @ourmisadventure

It’s no secret that I’m a major fan of Buffer, and love to use it for managing profiles for all of my clients. But, it isn’t always straightforward how to do some things. It’s hard to develop something that depends entirely on others, and we all know how easy Facebook makes things. Yes, that’s sarcasm! One of the things that we have to adapt to with Facebook’s quirks is using Buffer to re-share videos and images from other Facebook pages. [Read more…]

Tips & Tricks for Pinning with Buffer

Note – A previous version of this post appeared on my other blog, Our Misadventures on August 5th, 2015. Since then I’ve decided to separate business from personal blogging and am moving this over to along with some updates. 

Not sure about switching to Buffer for your Pinterest scheduling? Want to see it in action before taking the dive? Or you're confused on how to use it? This webinar covers all the tips and tricks for pinning with Buffer.

Not sure about switching to Buffer for your Pinterest scheduling? Want to see it in action before taking the dive? Or you’re confused on how to use it? This webinar covers my favorite tips and tricks for pinning with buffer!

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New Blog, New Beginnings

Welcome to my new blog, Meg Bateman – Social Media Strategist! This is a new outlet for me to help others with their most pressing social media & blogging problems.
At the beginning of this year, I decided I needed to find a new balance in my life between running two businesses and making time to really enjoy life. One of the things that stood out to me was being able to help more people with the knowledge that I’ve acquired over the years. I only have so much time for regular clients and coaching calls, I needed to find a way to help more people with the time I do have.

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