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My Services

My ultimate goal is to make things easier for you – by lightning your load and growing your web presence. The bulk of my day-to-day work is managing social media profiles, but I also offer coaching appointments and other web presence services. If you have a need that isn’t outlined on this page, contact me and if I can’t handle it – I’ll refer you to who I would use! Everything goes through me, I do not subcontract work to multiple virtual assistants. I have an amazing VA who helps keep me sane with day-to-day administrative stuff, but that’s it!


Social Media Managing

Let Me Take the Reigns

Don’t have the time or ability to manage and strategize your social media profiles? I stay on top of the latest changes and developments so I can offer my clients the best management for their profiles! I cover everything from curating content from your own website and others, to connecting with your ideal followers and fostering constant growth. I tackle the algorithms and deal with the trolls so you don’t have to!

Service Details

  • Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram Management
  • Up-to-Date with Algorithm Changes
  • Content Curation
  • Networking/Blogging Tribe Coordination
  • Advertising Management
  • Community Management
    • Facebook Groups
    • Pinterest Group Boards

Personalized Coaching

Learn the Ropes

Want to learn the basics, or go beyond the basics, with managing your social media and online presence? Whether you want to learn to do it yourself, or supervise your own virtual assistant – we offer one-on-one and group coaching sessions. My sessions are completely customized to your business, and include worksheets and guides when applicable.

  • Online Screen-Sharing Sessions
  • Customized to Your Business and Needs
  • Group Appointments Available for Sales Teams, Downlines, & More!

My personalized coaching sessions are always available, even when I’m not taking new clients for my other services. However, my time is limited! Contact me with your specific needs and we’ll see if coaching is the best route for you. If I think ecourses are a better option, I’ll point you in the direction of the ones I love and recommend!

Content Support

Focus on Creation, We’ll Do the Rest

Blogging isn’t as simple as it used to be – these days you have to worry about SEO, Pinterest graphics, social media & open graph optimization, recipe meta tags, no-follow linking – the list goes on and on. You don’t have to worry about it all anymore. I am well versed in what it takes to optimize a blog post or page for it’s big debut to the public. I’ll put the finishing touches on it so you just have to worry about creating more awesome content!

Service Details

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Post Editing
  • Newsletter Composing & List Management
  • Editorial Calendar Management
  • Guest Post & Contributor Management
  • WordPress Maintenance

Blog Graphic Design

Look Great without Photoshop

Want better blog post graphics, ones that don’t look like they were made in PicMonkey? Or do you want to solidify your brand recognition with great typography? With a background in graphic design, I can help you create graphics for your blog posts that make your articles and recipes stand out across social media and look great on your site.

  • Custom Graphics for Articles & Recipes
  • Sized for Facebook Link Previews, Google Results, & Pinterest
  • Graphics Optimized for Quality & Page Load Times
  • Typography that Stands Out Clearly

I do not offer branding creation services (ex. logo design) but do go about making blog graphics to support a brand’s recognition – common typography, watermarking/logo placement, etc.

I can refer you to graphic designers I love and trust if you’re in need of branding help!


My Niches

I feel it’s important to know the niches you’re working in to be able to really rock social media. That way you know the niche leaders, trends, the typical follower & what they engage with, topics that need more coverage – all of which really weigh on success.