Content Optimization & Website Overhauls

Photo of a macbook in purple and blue lighting. Chances are as your business has grown, your website content has shifted to the back burner. With my content optimization overhauls, your website content will be optimized for reaching your ideal customer and for search engine ranking. This service is perfect for those who already have a great website design, but need someone to take their content to the next level.

When you search for your own content or products, are you outranked by others? Do your own wholesale customers outrank you?

Content Optimization Services Include:

  • Optimizing the website page structure for ease of navigation & content flow.
  • Re-writing content to reach the ideal target audience and optimize for search engines.
  • Assuring that the metadata is optimized for SEO and accessibility needs.
  • Analyzing holes where additional content is needed.

When it’s easy for people to not only find your website but find what they’re looking for – your conversions will naturally increase!

I am available for both handling the entire content optimization project or just to consult so you know how to manage the project yourself.


Website Optimization for the Craft Industry

As someone who has worked in the craft industry most of my professional career, I know how to handle content optimization to reach your ideal audience. Many of our industry leaders are still managing their websites like they did when they first got their start. The internet – and especially search engines – has evolved into an entirely different entity. Websites aren’t just about looking nice, but making sure people can not only find you – but find what they need.

If you’re continually putting out new content, but your website audience and search engine clicks aren’t growing – that’s a sure sign people can’t find you. Don’t let all that hard work be in vain! With some basic website & content optimization, you’ll wish you had made the plunge much sooner! I’ll not only update your existing content, but help you know what to do for future content. Don’t want to do it yourself in the future? I can continue to work with you on new content!

Thank you for your interest! I'm no longer taking on clients. Follow me on IG for personal updates.