Healthy Living Social Media Managing


Healthy, natural living is the lifestyle I lead day to day – after a lifetime of health problems, I finally am free. It’s very rewarding to work in this niche and equip people to make informed decisions about taking control of their own health. I know how hard it is to make a major lifestyle change – I have a lot of food allergies and celiac disease. When I was first starting out, help from healthy living bloggers and social media pages made a huge difference.

I’m very familiar with the Real Food Movement, paleo & primal diets, autoimmune protocol, GAPs, WAPF, and other healthy lifestyles. Specifically, my husband and I are paleo – after extensive allergy and food intolerance testing, that’s the lifestyle that fits our needs. We also use natural remedies over pharmaceutical ones, such as essential oils, supplements, and fermented foods.

If you’re looking for a social media & content manager that’s very familiar with this niche, I might be able to help! My availability is limited, but if I can’t fit you into my schedule – I can connect you with someone else!


Thank you for your interest! I'm no longer taking on clients. Follow me on IG for personal updates.