Pinterest Audits for Your Account and Strategy

Wondering if you need to make some improvements to your Pinterest account and strategy? Overwhelmed with where to start? Want to be sure you’re working in the right direction with your Pinterest marketing? With a Pinterest audit, I take a close look at your overall Pinterest strategy and account to give you a clear picture of where you need to improve your Pinterest strategy.

I live and breathe Pinterest marketing, and work with multiple content creators to improve their Pinterest strategy. I know not everyone needs a regular hands-on approach, which is why I offer Pinterest audits to help other content creators find areas of improvement. After an analysis of your Pinterest account, daily strategy, and websites – I will show what to improve according to the latest with Pinterest marketing.


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What Pinterest Audits Cover

Every Pinterest audit is tailored to the individual content creator or brand. Your audit can include more than these areas or leave some out.

  • Pinterest Account Optimization – Individual board optimization, group boards, profile optimization, boards that need added or removed, scanning of the recent few hundred pins to check for issues like spam, and more.
  • Site Optimization for Pinterest – Social sharing options, pin descriptions, code optimization such as rich pins and disabling pinning of certain images, verified site, and more.
  • Pin Graphics – Click-ability, design, effectiveness for your target audience.
  • Pinning Strategy – Analysis of your daily pinning strategy.

Who Could Benefit From A Pinterest Audit

  • Anyone feeling they’ve hit a plateau with their Pinterest marketing.
  • You’re confused by different information on Pinterest marketing and need direction, but don’t want to take another course.
  • If you work with a Pinterest manager or VA and want to see where you both could improve your brand’s Pinterest marketing.
  • If you’re overwhelmed and need someone to give you a list of things to do.
  • Validation that you’re headed in the right direction.
  • You’re considering hiring a Pinterest manager but aren’t sure if you’re ready.
  • You’re not looking for someone to manage your Pinterest account, but want a second set of eyes to look at your Pinterest strategy.


What A Finished Pinterest Audit Includes

The finished Pinterest audit depends on the individual, but can include items such as:

  • Spreadsheet breakdown of every board and areas for improvement.
  • Spreadsheet of your top posts and recent content, analyzing their optimization for Pinterest.
  • Analysis of group boards and Tailwind Tribes.
  • Analysis of what type of content resonates the most with your audience on Pinterest, for future content planning.
  • Suggestions for changes to pin graphics based on what your niche engages with, with examples or even layered PSD custom branded templates.
  • Custom content planning calendar to frame your editorial calendar around seasonal trends for your niche on Pinterest.
  • List of actions to take immediately.
  • Coaching calls, via Zoom or Skype to discuss the audit, strategies to carry out, and follow-up after implementing changes.

Who Wouldn’t Benefit From A Pinterest Audit

If I feel like you won’t benefit from a Pinterest audit, I will not take your money and do one. For those just getting started with their Pinterest marketing, I suggest taking Pinning Perfect instead. I am an affiliate for Pinning Perfect, which means I make a small commission if you buy after clicking my link. Pinning Perfect is hands-down the best paid educational tool for Pinterest marketing. There are many other courses and ebooks out there that are spreading misinformation about Pinterest marketing, but Pinning Perfect has always been on point.

How to Get Your Pinterest Audit

Fill out this form to start the process on your Pinterest audit. Please let me know specifically what areas you are hoping to have examined. After I receive your message, I will send you an additional survey to help form a quote for your specific Pinterest audit.

Thank you for your interest! I'm no longer taking on clients. Follow me on IG for personal updates.